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Characteristics of a GOOD church:

Christian Witness Ministries is often asked this question

Here is a NON exhaustive list of some of the ways to check if a group or church IS living up to the Scriptural equivalent.

  • Accepts Father, Son and Holy Spirit as its Triune God?
  • Sermons, Homilies, Talks Preachings solidly based on the Bible?
  • Holds the Bible as the Highest Authority, even higher than Tradition?
  • Who is the group affiliated to?
  • Celebrates (Mark 14:21) Holy Communion on a regular basis?
  • Has a Bible Study Group(s) during the week? --Check them out by attending
  • Has a regular Prayer Group? -- Open to anyone
  • Were you made welcome? e.g. At least a "Welcome" or "Farewell" at the door?
  • Children encouraged and made welcome?  Sunday school, Junior church ?
  • Has a published or public Statement of Faith? -- Available on request
  • Has a Mission Statement? --- Available on request

What are the pastor's/ minister's/ vicar's views on :
  • Where the Nation of Israel fits in with the church and God's promises.
  • Roman Catholic Church.
  • Mormonism, Hinduism,Spiritualism,The Occult.
  • More than one way to Heaven.
  • Claiming streets or cities for the Lord
  • Tithing vs Free will offerings
  • The Rapture, End times, Tribulation

Refer to Christian Witness Ministries Web Site what CWM thinks of the above bullet pointed items.

Make an appointment with the Pastor / Minister/ Vicar to seek his particular views on these matters. Human beings love change, so naturally teachings can/may change.
Thus the Truth may be found at the xyz church today BUT if the minister changes then the Truth could well be missing and found elsewhere tomorrow.

Remember, we the people are the church, not a certain denomination or church building/plan. When Jesus comes for His Bride, the Church, only humans will rise to meet Him in the air..... there will be no bricks and mortar...... just Born Again people!    
So you must be born-again!   John 3:3

But until The Lord comes, enjoy the company of  Born-Again Christians who are imperfect now and can only create imperfect replicas of that  the True Church.

Be like the Bereans who checked out everything they were taught, rather than believing all they heard.   Acts 17:10-11

Avoid "nit-picking" on non central issues. There is a difference between "contending for the faith" and "being contentious".

If you can't find anything close and convenient, consider starting a Home group. We can put you onto available material (methods) and may be able to help in other ways .
Your starting point however, is to ask our Father in Heaven for His guidance in your search. God bless you.

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