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Hi Philip,
I hadn't seen that one on the 12 year old, but it reminded me of this one. How about a three year old who blows on people and slays them. As I see it there is a major occult revival going on of mystical proportions. All the historical lying signs we've seen with Catholic mystics are now transformed into a Protestant flavour: apparitions; stigmata; reading people's hearts (minds); trances; and the like. We must keep trying to restrain this madness, but it's like trying to contain a deadly avalanche. Overcoming in the Lamb,
Jackie Alnor

Ed:Yes, Jackie we agree. If our readers don't then maybe what follows will convince them.
Please note — EVERYONE who reads this
CWM does not recommend what follows or the web sites that are listed. We have published it by way of information and in the hope that you will see the similarity of what's happening in the two camps that are being used by Satan to deceive, the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) and the apostate Revival Now Movement (RNM)


The Second Coming of Christ is Imminent. Greetings everyone. Well, we held our first seminar in Federal Way, WA. All in all I would say it was a success. We did not have as big a turn out as we would have liked, but it was the first one, and we will learn how to better utilise our limited advertising budget in the future. The main topic was the Second Coming of Christ and the urgent need for prayer. We discussed the power of the rosary and scapular and how the rosary was given to us from Our Lady as a prayer for saving the world.  For She said to St Dominic over seven hundred years ago, "One day through the rosary and scapular I will save the world."

We discussed the Lord's Prayer and the fact that it is the heart of the rosary.  This is the prayer that says "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven" and later says "lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil." We are asking for Christ to come and for Satan to be destroyed. Then, when we say the Hail Mary, we are praying for all souls to be saved. This is Mary's plan for peace. 
That is the main message at these seminars. The tribulations can be avoided and the world can be saved through the rosary. Here is a short excerpt from the book The Trial of America by God that helps to further explain: Mary the Mother of God is here; Mary the Mother of God. This is the theme of the book restated again for further emphasis. If enough prayers are received, the Punishment and Tribulation will not fall upon men. Enough prayers — millions on their knees praying the Rosary devoutly and meditating upon the life of Christ — can turn away the Anger of God. Instead of Punishment God will send His army of Angels to destroy Satan. Peace will reign and soon Christ will return to rule the world with love and Justice. Prayer is the answer to this book. Prayer, the Rosary. Be assured that if you pray, Mary will help you and if enough people pray, the world will be saved.

Mary, the Mother of God. (From the book, The Trial of America by God)

This excerpt will be read at every seminar along with one titled "Warning to the People of America." Our next seminar is on April 1st in Seattle. You can find all of the details on our site in the section called "Tour Schedule."
Please take the time to visit our web site""

Trial of America one list e-mail list

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Kids do not have a "junior" Jesus Email (12/01/2000 9:29:19 AM EST) (Kathryn Walters)

HERE IS PART OF "THE VISITATION" ? BY FAITH (she was 15 I think) (Faith is my daughter)  ...continued ?
"We arrived back at Jessica's home, where I was to spend the night. We spent more time praying and waiting on the Lord. Suddenly everyone got drunk in the Spirit at the same time. (My friend and I, three adults and four other children). One three-year boy got a strong anointing and began to blow on everyone. We all fell out in the Spirit. For a while we could only speak in tongues to one another. During this time I had a vision of myself. I was running through a jungle with natives all around me. Then I saw tens of thousands of African people gathered together praising the Lord. Then I saw myself building something with my hands. Each one of us was touched in some special way. My feet began to burn. Then another lady, her little girl and I, ran around the house praising God. The anointing stayed upon the children and teens all evening until we went to bed. Jessica and I slept in her living room, as there were so many people in the house. About 11:30pm a young boy, Josh, who was staying also in the house, came out of his room into the living room, where Jessica and I were trying to sleep. He was shaking and said, "I saw an angel." We asked him about it and he explained further, "The angel had a white robe with gold trim and he was blowing a golden trumpet. There were two other angels standing with him, with their hands raised." We prayed, and the Lord gave me the word, "Jubilee". We asked Jesus to reveal Himself to us, as we desired to see Him with our natural eyes. Suddenly, Josh and I began to shake. We became terrified ? not scared ? but terrified. Josh said that he felt the presence of the Lord and that Jesus was there. We then began to shake violently. I had never felt like that in my whole life. Jesus began to reveal Himself to us, but not as the gentle, loving Jesus that we expected to see. What we began to see was the Jesus of Revelation, chapter one. The Jesus that John saw on the Isle of Patmos, with hair like wool and eyes like fire and a two edged sword in His mouth. We could not look upon Him, but we knew He was there and we could feel His Presence. I felt that if I looked up and saw Him, I would not be able to live through it. We then began to pray, "Oh Lord, please do not reveal yourself to us, we are not worthy to behold you." All three of us began to weep as we cried this prayer out to God. We asked Him to prepare our hearts so that one-day we may look upon Him. Then our cries turned into worship and we told Him how beautiful He was and how much we loved Him. When we looked up again, we saw a silver mist a short distance from us. For a moment, it took the shape of a man. We just looked and worshiped God. We got up from the floor trembling. We moved toward the mist. Before we reached it, Josh and I fell to our knees. Jessica went down with her face on the floor. We stayed there worshipping and praying, and then it lifted. We were too overwhelmed to say anything and
so we just went back to bed. The following morning at Jessica's church, the Holy Spirit told me a number of things. First, He told me, "Not to be quick to be ready. You cannot make yourself ready by your own actions." He said, "To be ready, I have to NOT BE READY, so that HE can make me ready." Second, He told me that my ministry would carry praise to the nations and the nations would run with Jubilee. Third, He said that I was to be greedy for Him, but not selfish. Then the Lord began to speak more and I wrote it down (as if the Lord was speaking): "I want to anoint you for the nations. I want to use you like I've never used you before. Yield to me. Worship me. You will do many works in many nations. You will be involved, you will be blessed. Many children shall call you by name. They shall inherit my kingdom. They shall be the last generation to be challenged. They will go out and call me `Lord'. They shall see visions and ride in chariots. They shall walk on the water and heal the sick. This will be their daily lives. This will be normal. My spirit will be poured out so strong; people that resist me will be struck dead. These days are serious. These days are coming to an end, my judgment will be coming soon ? it's on its way, if the people are not blessed, then they are condemned. My mercy will only be for those who seek me. Those who don't will be destroyed. They shall cease to walk, to live, to be. Everyone will know that I am God."
I am still filled, but I have to learn to walk in it. I pray this experience stays with me always. It is so exciting and challenging: It is the only way to live. God can use anyone. He proved that when He used three-year-old Nathan, in such a powerful way. God can show you things in the supernatural and use you mightily for His glory. All we have to do is submit ourselves to Him and believe Him. It is the most awesome adventure to be a Christian who is fired up and in tune with God. A dead Christian is no Christian at all. God is moving on the young people today, He is calling them, anointing them and using them. My sister, Lisa has been in so many nations, witnessing and preaching the gospel. She just returned from China, where she led a team of young people, two of whom were only twelve years old. She is waiting for her next mission adventure. She is only fifteen years old. Don't be one who misses out on what God is doing in these days. Give yourself to Him and your life will never be the same.
Faith Walters at

Ed: Modern Spiritualism was born in the mid 19th Century. Its distinctive features were visions and dreams. Many previously orthodox Christian ministers were deceived and joined spiritualism. Please note the spiritistic descriptions in the above email. Edward Barclay, who filters our mail, wrote the following about the above email. He is a former member of the RCC:
This email was of interest. I have seen on television about a year ago a minister on the Gold Coast who had a 3-year-old son, who used to slay people and make them laugh etc. I was terribly grieved. We had Christian schools both here in Brisbane and at Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast (one hour drive north of Brisbane) report similar manifestations happening i.e. seeing visions and angels. It is interesting in what is going on as the church slowly sinks into the mire. Things are bound to get worse ? ".. as it was in the days of Noah ?" but be comforted ... Look up ? your redemption is near. (SB)

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Appeared in Volume 6.1 April 2000

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