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Kenneth Copeland
Unmaasked indeed by Brett Bigg

SOME may question the validity of a critical article about Copeland seeing him as a “Christian” and a “minister (of the Gospel)”. But is this the case? How do we determine who is a Christian, or even who a minister is? This question must be answered; and in doing so we unmask Kenneth Copeland and his ministry.

A couple, who are great friends of mine, aren’t disapproving of my criticisms though they are reluctant to write or publish such criticisms themselves; their decision is to concentrate on the Truth of God and His Word rather than directly refuting the claims of Copeland, and others. I do not believe that everyone could, or even should, write rebuttals on heresies and false teachers, for God has given us all abilities and a place to function within the church. Yours is not necessarily mine and mine is not necessarily yours; but nevertheless heresies must be addressed.

“Watchmen” ministries and ministers, as they have become to be called, are about protecting God’s flock. And this protection comes through education: teaching and preaching. Ideally the pastors of churches should be doing this — but in the light of the worldly success of the large international ministries, local ministers seem reluctant to speak out. On the front cover of Bill Randle’s book, “Beware the New Prophets”, is a picture of a wolf dressed as a minister/shepherd with a thought captioned, “I thought he said his sheep knew his voice … perhaps they’re deaf”. This is the perfect analogy for a lot of today’s “church”. But even more than this, I believe today’s church has selective hearing.

Rather than the whole counsel of God (i.e. His Word) many in today’s church are preoccupied with supposed promises of God. Rather than reading all of a passage with and in its surrounding context, a single verse or even part of a verse is used to justify the fulfilling of a person’s lusts, desires and wants. Furthermore, though the wording may remain the same — the definitions are being changed.

Watchmen ministries and ministers, as they have become to be called, are about protecting God’s flock. An this protection comes through education: teaching and preaching.

So when we read the “Statement of Faith” of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, whether we’re orthodox Evangelicals/ Pentecostals or Word- Faith, their statement seems biblical. The result is a “church” which speaks two different languages and understands the Bible in two different ways. The vocabulary is the same, but the meaning is different.

The new sheep, being born (again) today, in Word-Faith circles know only one of those languages, and only one understanding of what they read. They’re not told to read the Bible for their theology — but to read a KCM book or listen to a KCM audiotape, CD or DVD — and “check” the Bible references given. “Checking”, in this context, means to “confirm that the quotation exists in the Bible”, and not “read the passage in context”.
What this means is that people study “man’s” writing and not God’s. And to make matters worse, the writings of Kenneth Copeland, as the completed article will show, are no different than the “study notes” and “helps” of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. The only difference is that, by many, Copeland is placed under the banner of mainstream Christianity — rather than that of cults. KCM, Copeland and their proponents must be unmasked — not for their own sake — but for the sake of the sheep. To know God’s voice they need to hear the complete Word of God. The apostle Peter (2 Peter 2:1) acknowledges and warns about those who would come in and introduce heresies. This warning doesn’t exist to fill out his letter; it exists as a warning and a guide. We have been warned — do we now ignore it? I should hope not.

The road of the Word-Faith movement is broad; and it broadly speaks of love and acceptance but shrinks away at ideas of theological criticism and accountability. To help rescue those heading down the Word- Faith highway requires the grace of God, love, patience, prayer and for people to stand up with a sign saying, “Wrong Way. Go Back.”

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Appeared in Issue CETF9.1 September 2003
"...contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints" -- Jude v3

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